The State DOH has once again updated the isolation and quarantine requirements for
healthcare staff (see here). The changes largely affect individuals who are exposed
but not infected.

For infected healthcare staff, employers in “contingency” phases are required to
provide five days of leave to employees, regardless of vaccination status of the
employee, and employees can return to work on day 6 if they are asymptomatic or
have mild-moderate symptoms.

For employees who were exposed, the DOH instructs that such healthcare personnel,
if fully vaccinated (including boosted), will have no work restrictions if the agency is in a
contingency phase. (Most home care providers are in that phase, but each agency
should evaluate its own circumstances). If the agency is in a “normal” phase (and not
in contingency), then an exposed worker can only return to work upon testing negative
on days 1,5, 6 and 7 after exposure. The day of exposure is day 0. Exposed workers
who are not boosted, even if they are fully vaccinated, may return to work after 7 days
with a negative test, or in 10 days without testing, if the agency is in a contingency

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