Client Feedback

Below is what some of our clients have had to say about Poricanin Law.

Emina worked with us on evaluating a potential LHCSA for purchase, conducting the due diligence on that company and then tirelessly worked with us as we negotiated the purchase.  Emina also handled all the regulatory work required to submit the consulting and management agreements.  We were most impressed with her industry knowledge and she was able to identify some issues down the line that, thankfully, we addressed in advance and head on before getting into the deal.
New York City owner of a LHCSA
We have worked with Emina for almost a decade.  Her energy and enthusiasm to help clients is unbeatable.  There are many challenges in running a home care agency, especially in New York.  But Emina understands our business and all the considerations that go into running a business.  She has always been able to take a problem and offer us a practical business solution to the issue.   We have saved thousands of dollars by having the benefit of her wisdom and experience.
Owner of Various Healthcare Businesses in New York State
Emina has been our employment attorney for years.  She is practical, to-the-point direct, and she explains complicated legal issues in a way that make sense.  As the Human Services Director of a large services organization with hundreds of employees, we have many day-to-day issues with our workers.  Emina and I often joke that our organization has never-ending quirky HR issues.  But I can call Emina at any time of the day and she will respond and help us get through the problem.  She is an indispensable part of our organization.
Human Services Director of a New York company
Emina took over a litigation that another firm was handling for years without any success.  There was no good ending in sight for us in that lawsuit; the law simply was not on our side.  Emina settled the case relatively quickly, and the settlement was entirely reasonable.  We saved so much money by getting out of the litigation, and we are happy to be able to focus on other things.  I particularly liked that she did not overpromise or oversell herself.  She came in to talk to us about the case and was very blunt about the problems in our case, and gave us an informed estimate of winning versus losing.
Owners of a Home Care Agency in New York City
Poricanin Law represents our LHCSA and fiscal intermediary with respect to all legal matters.  Emina is our go-to attorney that we have on “speed dial.”  She is excellent at keeping us informed of what is happening in the healthcare space.  We enjoy her news alerts and videos but, when something major is about to come down, she personally calls us to make sure that we are prepared to respond to it.  If our policies need to be changed, she will contact me to make sure I know that this has to be done, in time.  I don’t have to worry about missing some important government deadline.
Owner of a Home Care Agency Serving the Five Boroughs and Long Island
Poricanin represented us in a Department of Labor audit, and the investigator on our case was alleging over five different violations for hundreds of our workers.  The Department was threatening to put us out of business with what they were looking to collect from us for back pay, penalties and interest.  Emina became involved in the audit just in time.  She worked with the Department to negotiate a settlement that was reasonable and acceptable to us.  We are still in business and know much more about Labor Laws thanks to her clear and specific explanations.
Owner of a New York City business
Emina effectively serves as our compliance officer.  She is the eyes and ears of our organization.  We turn to her almost daily for any issue that comes up.  Even if we are just a little unsure of the answer, we make a quick call to get the peace of mind that we are on the right path.
Owners of a Healthcare System in New York
Emina represented my home care agency when the New York Department of Health came in and tried to close us down.  The Department was taking an unreasonable and unforgiving position, and they were ready to take our entire business away.  But Emina managed to negotiate a resolution that allowed me to continue operating my business. I will forever be grateful to her.
Owner of an Upstate Home Care Agency