NY DOH Announces New Deadline for Plans and Providers to Submit Wage Parity Certifications

As we reported earlier today to our clients, the New York Department of Health (“DOH”) has announced that it has postponed the deadline for LHCSAs and FIs to submit the wage parity certification information (e.g., LS 300 and LS301 forms) from the current deadline of June 1 to October 1, 2022. The compliance deadline for MCO’s and CHHA’s receipt and review of providers’ compliance attestations will also be extended from June 1 to October 1, 2022. A link to the DOH’s announcement is not yet available, but anyone wishing a copy of the same can contact us.

The DOH’s announcement also states that “The Departments of Health and Labor are currently reviewing forms LS-300 and LS-301 to determine if amendments are required and may be providing additional guidance on the forms and audit process required to complete the forms in the coming weeks.”

This announcement provides significant relief to providers who have been struggling to find accounting firms to conduct and certify the results of audits of providers’ wage parity compliance. As the provider community knows, the DOL’s and DOH’s contemplated process for the wage parity compliance certifications has faced significant pushback from the professional accounting and auditor community. These additional months should provide much-needed time to amend the forms and the process.

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