DOH has taken Steps to Address Healthcare Worker Bonus Portal Challenges for LHCSAs

The Healthcare Worker Bonus Portal (the “Portal”) is not accessible to LHCSAs that have a “non-billing” provider number, the MMIS.  LHCSAs that only bill managed care and not Medicaid directly might have been assigned a MMIS that is a “non-billing provider” MMIS. Unfortunately, this non-billing MMIS precludes the LHCSA from accessing the Portal and  processing requests for the healthcare worker bonus.

Today, however, the Department of Health (“DOH”) sent a notification to providers, requesting that they complete a survey. The survey will create a process for these LHCSAs – who otherwise meet the requirements for the healthcare worker bonus program – to register their employees for the bonus.  Only employers who are eligible but not currently registered for the bonus program should complete this survey, which was sent through eMedNY. The survey is only available until December 6, 2022. Following the close of the survey on December 6, 2022, DOH will provide additional information regarding the bonus program registration procedures. Providers are reminded that they are required to “register” their eligible employees for the bonus program and could be investigated by OMIG if they fail to do so. Thus, all providers that have been unable to complete the portal registration to date should take steps to respond to this survey and pursue the bonus for their employees.